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JOHNNY TIGER is a multiplatform video documentary about the life and experiences Johnny Tai, a blind man living in Richmond, British Columbia.

Martial artist, musician, poet, dragon boat racer, therapist, sculptor... the list of his many roles continues. Now Johnny adds filmmaker, actor, and biographer as he embarks on a two year journey to create a visual document of his non-visual identity and experience.

JOHNNY TIGER is a living documentary, the heart of which is an ongoing video diary and memoire series shot and hosted by Johnny Tai on YouTube. Johnny's Youtube video diaries are shot by Johnny using a pair of video recording glasses. These rough sketches of Johnny's existence, drawn with no visual reference, give an intimate and compelling, although paradoxical view into Johnny's life.

Join Johnny as he shares his personal experiennces, reflections and memoires.


November 10, 2017
Night Strike

CBC Short Docs has released 'Night Strike'!

"Night Strike is the extraordinary story of Johnny Tai, a totally blind and partially deaf crisis counsellor and martial artist. For Johnny, a life that may appear simple and ordinary is in fact a triumph, not only for the obstacles presented by his blindness but for his courage in overcoming a legacy of family violence. Johnny Tai is a blind martial artist and self-defense instructor. Underneath his independence lies an instinct for survival that sustained him throughout his tumultuous and abusive family life. Growing up in a tumultuous home sparked Johnny Tai’s instinct for survival. Today, he’s a martial arts instructor who teaches self defense, empowerment and independence to other people who are blind."

April 12, 2015
Here we go.

Over the past 2 years we have been amassing hundreds of hours of footage shot by Johnny, everything from the routine of his daily life to the extraordinary stories from his past. Some of these videos have been released through Johnny' YouTube channel, but many more are still in the process of being posted. This year we will continue to post his videos, and we will be starting production on several other facets of the documentary. The Night Strike teaser is live and production has begun on a pilot episode. The feature documentary is in the works and a trip home to Taiwan is planned. Follow the process on Johnny's YouTube channel, twitter and facebook.

August 17, 2014
Been gone so long...

Lot's of things have happened over the past 10 months. Although we haven't posted anything here or on YouTube for ages, Johhny has been recording videos at a fevered pitch and we are now doing our best to catch up with the postings (see below). Here are somethings to look forward to in future videos and what Johnny is up to: more incredible stories from Johnny'd life, gold medals, Tiger (the cat), karaoke, self-defense demos, the TAFISA World Martial Arts Game, a Night Strike pilot, and much more!

October 25, 2013
Johnny Tiger Website is Now Live

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October 13, 2014
Johnny Tiger Episode 24 - World Class


August 17, 2014
Johnny Tiger Episode 18 - It's been a while


October 25, 2013
Johnny Tiger Episode 16 - Martial Arts Beginnings